Is skipping a home inspection a bad idea? Here’s what Google says.

If you are buying a house, you may feel pressured to forego a home inspection to make your offer more attractive in a competitive market. But should you? All it takes is a quick internet search to learn about the risks of passing up this opportunity to find out if your dream home has some dirty little secrets.

Risk #1: There’s a Big Problem

Without the proper training. a home buyer could fail to recognize significant safety issues or structural problems in a potential home. These could include buried fuel oil tanks, asbestos, hazardous wiring, unsafe decks, and so much more. Unless you find out about these issues prior to purchasing the house, you could be on the hook for tens of thousands of dollars.

Risk #2: There are lots of little problems

One of the most frequent causes of problems in a home is Deferred Maintenance. This occurs when homeowners either don’t know about the routine maintenance their home needs, or don’t have the money to do the work. Things like painting, landscaping, gutter cleaning, and servicing the furnace are often postponed as they aren’t usually critical. But poor upkeep will drastically reduce the life of a home.

Risk #3: Looks can be deceiving

We’ve seen hundreds of homes that have been “flipped” – purchased at a low price and fixed up for quick profit. Everything looks great… as long as you don’t look too closely. Many times, flippers focus on the cosmetic fixes: new flooring, appliances, paint, and updates to the kitchen and bathrooms. These might look nice, but there could be issues like aging heating and cooling equipment, foundation cracks, or chimney damage that aren’t addressed. Add to that the possibility of work being done without the necessary permits, and you have a recipe for some nasty surprises once you move in.

TL/DR: Yes.

A home inspection is a crucial element of the home buying process. Choosing to give away your chance to be educated about your biggest investment could cost you thousands.

Don’t risk your family’s wellbeing. Insist on getting a home inspection before you close on your new home! Give our office a call at (301) 208-8289 or use our handy online scheduler to book your appointment.