Why Choose a Home Maintenance Inspection?

You probably had an inspection done before moving in to your house, but have you had a maintenance inspection?

You may be asking yourself, “What is a home maintenance inspection?” and “Do I really need one?”

If you have lived in your home for seven years or more, the answer is “Yes!”

What Is a Home Maintenance Inspection?

A home maintenance inspection, or Home Checkup, is for someone who is not planning on selling, but would like to know what areas of their home need attention to improve comfort, safety, and efficiency. After all, houses age just like people do, and just as you get regular checkups from your doctor and dentist, your home needs regular visits from Inspections by Bob.

Our inspector will be able to give you vital information about your home’s maintenance needs, including items that are coming up on the end of their serviceable lives. We can also point out spot potential problems that are easy to repair early on, before they become bigger, and more costly, issues.

At Inspections by Bob, we inspect the entire house, inside and out. We go into every room, including the basement, attic, and/or crawlspace, as well as walking the roof if we can. We identify the vital utility safety controls, so you can find them in an emergency. The inspection is very thorough, from floor to ceiling, as well as in closets and cabinets.

All of the main systems of the house are checked, such as heating and cooling, electrical and plumbing, as well as installed appliances.

At the end of the inspection, we go over our findings with you and answer all of your questions, and you will receive a comprehensive written report usually by the next day. This report will serve as a “to do” list to help you prioritize necessary repairs and maintenance items.

Of course, you could choose to have a contractor come in to evaluate a particular system. But they’re motivated to find a problem they can sell a repair for, so their opinion isn’t unbiased. While most specialty contractors are not dishonest, they do make their money on jobs completed. As home inspectors, we are prohibited by Maryland state law from doing any repairs on a home we have inspected, nor can we sell the homeowner any replacement parts. We are there simply to give you an honest review on the current state of your house. How you choose to handle the needed repairs is completely up to you.

Don’t Ignore Your Home’s Health!

Your home should serve your family for a lifetime and beyond. At Inspections by Bob, our mission is to make sure it does just that. Don’t put it off; schedule your Home Checkup today!