Improperly/incompletely remediated asbestos is dangerous because they likely spread fibers everywhere in the house.


Asbestos like material is disturbing enough when it is the first thing you see going down into the cellar…(I was already wearing a mask)
but then you see the incorrectly and incompletely removed material…

Time to go get the P100 respirator out ( respirator is a device designed to protect the wearer from inhaling hazardous air ) as I have another 45+ min of inspecting to do in the cellar… (the cellar was a train wreck of issues)

Met the remediation contractor there today, and they agreed, everything (every box, appliance, toy, lamp, cord, jar, chair, etc…) in the cellar SHOULD to be decontaminated as it is taken out, and no one should be in that area without a mask.

But that is the sellers problem, my client is buying it “As-Is,” so they get to deal with the Asbestos, Knob-n-tube, termites and more… but the cellar should be empty when they get it to turn over to the (multiple) remediators…

PS… improperly/incompletely remediated is dangerous because they likely spread fibers everywhere when they were taking (most of it) down. The tufts and pieces were on pipes everywhere waiting to be bumped or vibrated off by trucks driving by or just heavy footed people upstairs. The remediators were just shaking their heads as they went through…


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